Sele, my love! today

Sele, my love! Today is 10 happy-freaking-crazy months since we’ve met each other. Actually its more, much more, but it doesn’t matter!:D We spent so much time together playing music (and cards), travelling in China, studing Chinese together, running marathones, and climbing mountain (but still not enough!).
I still remember everything, all these happy days we spent in China. But it was only the first phase, just the platform, the springboard for our life together.
I still can see the same eyes full of love as before. Especially when we make a videocall:D And… i’m soo f*cing lucky! I really cannot understand how you can be with such a stupid person like me, ahahah, really! Thank you for everything
This time has comletely changed me and my worldview! I fundamentally rethought eveything in my life. And it’s because of you.
I’m looking forward to next 10 months, years, lifes together. Now we are far away from each other, and sometimes it’ll be difficult for us, for sure. But if we cherish and protect our deep connection, we’ll manage with everything, I’m pretty sure. Selena, I lOOOOOOOOOOVE YOU*-*
PS: 有缘分

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